[Dry Goods] There are many container loading skills

When general enterprises export, the main concern in the process of loading containers is that the data of the goods is wrong, the goods are damaged and the data does not conform to the customs declaration data, which leads to the customs not releasing. Therefore, before loading the container, the consignor, the warehouse, and the freight forwarder must be coordinated and thoughtful to avoid this situation.

Goods of different shapes and different packages should not be packed together as much as possible;

2, from the packaging will leak dust, liquid, moisture, odor and other goods, as far as possible not to put together with other goods. "As a last resort, it is necessary to use canvas, plastic film or other materials to separate." Cheng Qiwei said.

Light weight goods are placed on relatively heavy goods;

4. The goods with weak packaging strength should be placed on the goods with strong packaging strength;

5, liquid goods and cleaning goods should be placed under other goods as far as possible;

6. Goods with sharp corners or protruding parts need to be covered to avoid damage to other goods.