Tianjin Airport Opens New Chicago-Tianjin-Guangzhou Cargo Route

On October 22, 2015, China Southern Airlines plans to open a regular cargo route from Guangzhou to Anchorage to Chicago to Tianjin to Guangzhou at Tianjin Airport. The schedule will be 4. and Friday every Monday and 2.. The aircraft type will be Boeing 777F, and the first cargo will be 11.5 tons.

The specific time of this regular cargo route is that every Monday and Friday, the flight takes off from Chicago at 23:10, lands at Tianjin Airport at 04:00, takes off from Tianjin Airport at 07:30, and arrives in Guangzhou at 10:25. On Tuesday, Chicago takes off at 23:10, Tianjin Airport lands at 13:00, takes off from Tianjin at 15:50, and arrives in Guangzhou at 19:35. On Thursday, the departure time from Chicago and the arrival time in Tianjin are the same as on Tuesday. The departure time from Tianjin is 18:10 and the arrival time in Guangzhou is 21:00.

On September 1, 2014, China Southern Airlines opened the Los Angeles-Tianjin-Guangzhou route, filling the historical gap in Tianjin's route to the Americas. The newly opened Chicago-Tianjin-Guangzhou route is the second all-cargo flight to the Americas opened by China Southern Airlines in Tianjin, and it is also another capacity investment and route network expansion to promote the development of Tianjin Airport's air cargo market after the establishment of China Southern Airlines in Tianjin Free Trade Zone.

At present, Tianjin Airport has 24 all-cargo flights. There are three cargo airlines operating all-cargo flights from America to Tianjin. The other two are China Cargo Airlines, which operates Chicago-Tianjin-Pudong routes 3 times a week. Yangtze River Express Airlines operates Chicago-Tianjin-Pudong routes, 2 flights a week; Chicago-Brussels-Munich-Tianjin-Pudong routes, 3 flights a week. So far, the number of all-cargo flights from Chicago to Tianjin has reached 12 per week, which has built a more convenient air channel for the strong demand and economic development of air cargo logistics between China and the United States.

Responsible Editor: Wang Ying