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Ginter Logistics Service Co.,Ltd. Tianjin Branch was established in 2006, is one of the earliest international freight forwarding enterprises. After more than ten years of development and accumulation, an efficient and professional team has been established, with core businesses such as international air transportation, international shipping, project engineering logistics, warehousing and logistics, and basically achieved full coverage of global logistics services.

Tianjin is adjacent to Beijing head office. Relying on the capital platform and strength of the head office, Tianjin is constantly moving towards the goal of establishing marketing integration, internationalization and organization, and accelerating the creation of diversified business layout. At present, its business involves sea transportation, air transportation, railway, customs declaration, warehousing, etc., and has its own Class A customs broker, long-term cooperative fleet and warehouse.

Tianjin is the maritime gateway of the capital Beijing, and it is also the port with the shortest distance from inland areas such as North China and Northwest China in the Bohai Rim. The scope of radiation includes 14 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the central and western regions, with the lowest comprehensive transportation cost. At the same time, Tianjin is in the position of the bridgehead of the Eurasian Continental Bridge. It has the shortest maritime distance from Japan and South Korea, and the shortest land distance from Central Asia and West Asia. It is the sea outlet of neighboring inland countries such as Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The link with Central and Western Asia.

Tianjin Branch has close ties with various shipowners in shipping, including Mediterranean Shipping, Maersk, COSCO Sea, Taiping and other container shipowners, as well as bulk cargo and bulk cargo shipowners. Our company has a port professional team to track the goods throughout the process, keep abreast of information, and deal with various situations that may be encountered in customs, docks and yards in a timely manner. In particular, special cases with high-standard operation requirements such as the packing reinforcement and unpacking of imported vehicles, dangerous goods, refrigerated goods, oversized and large goods, and the export of project goods and bulk goods can ensure smooth completion and provide high-quality services.

We have obvious advantages in air import customs clearance at the airport. The release speed can pick up the goods on the same day, with strong timeliness and avoiding storage. Air export flights are intensive, of which South Korea in the Asia-Pacific region flies directly to Incheon, with guaranteed shipping space. Evergreen Taipei Line, with competitive prices; Xiamen Airlines' Bangkok flights are full of surprises. Frankfurt, Paris, London, Chicago, Washington and new york on European and American routes are also our strengths.

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