Overseas Network

The perfect overseas network has narrowed the distance between us and the world and made it within reach. We have successfully joined the ALN, WIFFA and other international freight organizations, so that we have extremely rich overseas agency resources. After years of hard work and investment, our overseas network covers major ports and cities in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and works closely with more than 200 overseas agents, coupled with a professional, efficient and experienced overseas team. can easily achieve global door-to-door service.

Services under the DDU/DDP trade terms, including value-added services such as customs clearance at the port of destination, warehousing, inspection, delivery to the door, etc.

Accept freight collect service.

Foreign agents can be arranged to pick up goods at home and provide full import transportation services under trade terms such as EXW/FOB.

Joins with a number of port country agents to carry transit goods to landlocked countries by sea and land transport.

Provide national customs policy, operation process consulting.

Through the "global cargo tracking inquiry" service model established with foreign agents, we can inquire about cargo dynamics and information at any time.