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Ginter Logistics Service Co.,Ltd. Qingdao Branch was established in 2004 and has the first-class freight forwarding qualification issued by the Ministry of Commerce. Qingdao is located in the southeast of Shandong Peninsula. As an important economic center city and port city along the eastern coast of China, Qingdao Port has good port resources. Qingdao Port has become the fourth largest container terminal in the country. Relying on this and adhering to the business philosophy of continuous innovation and sustainable development, Qingdao Branch has now developed into a comprehensive logistics service company with Qingdao as the center and its business scope radiating Shandong Province and even Henan and Hebei.

After more than ten years of business development, Qingdao Branch has a professional team that can provide customers with quality services in the fields of sea and air import and export, customs clearance services, international exhibition transportation, project and engineering logistics, bonded logistics, sea and air transport, large bulk cargo, special boxes, dangerous goods shipment and other fields. The company has a cooperative relationship with more than 200 agents around the world, and can provide fine-to-door logistics services.

By Sea:

The company has maintained a good cooperative relationship with major shipping companies in the world, and has become the booking agent of Evergreen, Xingya Shipping, Dexiang and other shipping companies, and has good cooperation with COSCO, PIL, CMA, MSK and other shipping companies. It has outstanding advantages on routes such as Japan and South Korea, the United States and Canada, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Japan and South Korea line: SINOTRANS, SITC, PAN, Xingya and other super advantages.

US-Canada Line: APL, EMC, CMA, MSC, OOCL, ONE, COSCO and other service contract prices are your first choice to develop the market.

Europe and Africa: HAPAGLLOYD, CMA, APL, OOCL, EMC's high-quality liners provide first-class services to customers. The advantageous freight rates of COSCO, ONE, MSC and other companies are your best choice to save costs!!

Middle East/Southeast Asia Line: APL, EMC, CMA, MSC, PIL, ONE, COSCO and other service contracts are your first choice for service development.

Air transport:

The company has many years of cooperation with LH, CI, NH, KE, KA, CA, MU, SC, BR, UPS and other airlines, and has become the core agent of many airlines through its own efforts. Qingdao branch and Beijing head office and each branch, with tacit understanding. On the basis of Beijing head office's own airport supervision warehouse, it provides customers with better air import and export, transit transportation, warehousing, customs declaration and land transportation supervision services. The company has not only signed price agreements with airlines, but also further reduced costs through large-scale professional operations and the rational use of supervised vehicles, providing customers with the most favorable prices, thereby reducing the transportation costs of import and export enterprises.

Items & Bulk Services:

Qingdao Branch maintains a good cooperative relationship with Qingdao Port. The company has a professional ground operation team to provide customers with large-scale equipment and bulk cargo booking, shipping, transportation, hoisting, export customs declaration, inspection declaration and other services. High-quality customer service personnel use modern equipment and means, according to the different requirements of customers, combined with customer characteristics, design the best logistics scheme for its mass and implement it, thus reducing unnecessary links, reduced customer operating costs.

Address: 2103, Block B, Guohua Building, No.2 Minjiang Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City

Telephone:0532-8597 2346