List of Key Contact Enterprises in China's International Freight Forwarder Industry in 2020

In order to strengthen the communication with China's international freight forwarding enterprises, deeply study the development of the international freight forwarding industry, strengthen policy guidance and work support, and promote the healthy development of the international freight forwarding industry, the service and Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce established the "key contact enterprise system of China's international freight forwarding industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "system") in 2017.

In accordance with the provisions of the "System", after the application of the enterprise, the preliminary review by the local commerce department in conjunction with the local freight forwarding association, and the review by the China International Freight Forwarding Association, comprehensively considering factors such as business form, management technology, resources and facilities, regional distribution, and enterprise types, 231 companies have been initially identified as key contact companies in China's international freight forwarding industry (2020), which are now announced (in no order).