Jinchi Group fully supports the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic

    The new crown virus epidemic affects the hearts of every nation, enterprises, associations, individuals have come forward to solve the urgent need of the epidemic, contributing their own strength.

In the case of urgent need of domestic medical supplies, Jinchi people are duty-bound to face the dilemma of many airline flight cancellations. With the help of its strong overseas network, years of friendly cooperation with airlines and professional customs declaration ability, they can eliminate all difficulties and take on the tasks of import, transportation, customs clearance and delivery of medical supplies such as masks and protective clothing for enterprises, associations and individuals such as national medicine, finally, the materials were delivered to the customers in a safe and timely manner, which was highly recognized by the customers.
Jinchi people have always abided by the promise of "cherish what you trust, and the mission must be achieved" and shoulder a sense of social responsibility. We are willing to stand by at any time to prevent the epidemic and successfully complete every transportation task.
Thanksgiving warm, thank you! Come on, China! Let's fight the epidemic together and look forward to a better tomorrow!