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Introduction to our advantageous routes
The following advantages of the airline division, I Division is the core agent, can relatively guarantee the advantages of space, transport time protection.
Please contact our air transportation department for detailed quotation, the contact information is as follows:
Manager Wang Keyin, mobile phone: 13701209648, email:
Asia: CA (Air China)/NH (ANA)/JL (JAL)
Middle East: QR (Qatar Airways)/EK (Emirates)/EY (Etihad)/TK (Turkish Airlines)
Africa: ET (Ethiopian Airlines)/EK (Emirates)/TK (Turkish Airlines)/CA (Air China)
US Line: CA (Air China Package Board)/JL (JAL Package Board, Fixed Continuation)/NH (All Nippon Airways Package Board, Fixed Continuation)
European line: LH (Lufthansa board, fixed extension)/KL (Dutch royal board)/AF (Air France board)/CA (Air China board)
The latest internal news: starting from October 27, Air Canada's passenger flights in China (Beijing * Shanghai) have fully returned to normal. There are a total of 5 routes between China and Canada, Beijing Vancouver, Beijing Toronto, Shanghai Vancouver, Shanghai Toronto, Shanghai Montreal.
Routing   Volume 100k 300K 500k 1000K
PEK-LAX Air China (Los Angeles, scheduled shift, package board) Ping 44 44 43 43
PEK-JFK Air China (New York, scheduled shift, package board) Ping 56 56 55 55
PEK-LHR Air China (London, scheduled, board) Ping 41 40 39 39
PEK-MXP Air China (Milan, scheduled shift, package board) 1cbm<100kg 38 37 36  
PEK Royal Netherlands (fixed shift, package quantity-flat bubble goods) Ping 70 68 65 RQ
PEK-FRA Lufthansa (fixed shift, package board) Flat goods 35 34 33 QR
PEK-HND-YVR All Nippon Airways (Vancouver, scheduled shift, package board) Flat goods 46 43 41 RQ
Routing   Volume 45k 100k 300K 500k
PEK-TYO-JFK JAL (New York, scheduled, board) Ping 56 42 41 40
PEK-TYO-ORD JAL (Chicago scheduled package board) Ping 56 42 41 40
PEK-TYO-DFW JAL (Dallas scheduled board) Ping 56 42 41 40
PEK-TYO-DEL JAL (Delhi, scheduled, board) Ping 50 40 39 38
PEK-TYO-HEL JAL (Helsinki, scheduled, board) flat bubble 51 29 38 36