Beijing Jinchi International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. Beijing Customs AEO Advanced Certification

On March 22, Fan Ziqiang, general manager of Jinchi Group, Jin Shuang, assistant general manager, and Wei Fang, administrative manager, went to Chaoyang Port of Beijing Customs to attend the "Beijing Customs Certification Enterprise Certification and Policy Publicity Conference". At the meeting, Fan Zong took over the AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise Certificate on behalf of the company from Beijing Customs Deputy Commissioner Che Yanling and Director Hao Haichen of the Enterprise Management Office.

The AEO Advanced Certification approval process is very rigorous. To this end, the company has actively communicated with the Beijing Customs Enterprise Management Office for many times, consulted modestly, carefully studied each audit requirement, and revised the application materials as required; in daily work, it strictly checks every ticket of import and export goods and customs declaration materials, strictly abides by customs regulations, and maintains the company's good reputation and image.

AEO is the abbreviation of "Certified Operator" (Authorized Economic Operator). It is a system introduced by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to build a partnership between customs and the business community to achieve the goal of trade security and facilitation. The AEO system is a system in which the customs certify and recognize enterprises with a high level of law-abiding, credit status and safety, so as to give them practical convenience and preferential measures. The General Administration of Customs of China promulgated the interim measures for the Credit Management of the People's Republic of China Customs Enterprises in October 2014, which is scheduled to come into force on December 1, 2014, to classify the credit status of enterprises and be in line with international AEO certification. At present, there are more than 170 countries in the world to comply with the world customs management system, the implementation of the AEO management system. China has signed mutual recognition arrangements with Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong, and has achieved initial mutual recognition contacts with AEO in other economies such as Russia, India, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Argentina, Mexico and Switzerland. The company is invited by Beijing Customs to participate in the mutual recognition briefing between the European Union and the United States. After becoming an AEO advanced certification enterprise, the company will be greatly facilitated when trading with the above-mentioned countries and regions.