Project Logistics

Blast Furnace Export Transportation Project in India

The MCC India blast furnace export project undertaken by our company has shipped 95000 cubic meters of bulk cargo and 1200TEU of containers since 2022. The project includes the construction of 524 cubic meters of blast furnace, 30,48 square meters of sintering, 200 tons/day oxygen plant, 4MW TRT and its public and auxiliary facilities. In the severe situation of the new crown epidemic raging last year, Jinchi anxious customers, think what customers think, to show customers the irreplaceable operational advantages and comprehensive strength of Jinchi team. Under the decision of the company's leaders, we set up an efficient and dedicated professional team to connect with customers, win with service, and win the trust and appreciation of MCC customers.

PNG Nickel-Cobalt Mine Project

The MCC Paxin Nickel and Cobalt Mine Project undertaken by our company has shipped 15000 cubic meters of bulk cargo and 600TEU of containers since 2022. The project is located in Madang Province of Papua New Guinea and is a world-class mining project integrating mining, beneficiation and metallurgy. The project consists of laterite open-pit mining, pipeline slurry transportation, high-pressure acid leaching hydrometallurgy, deep-sea tailings discharge and other main processes and supporting facilities. The project has many kinds of goods and a large quantity of boxes, but with the joint cooperation of all departments of the company, it not only connects smoothly, but also completes various tasks excellently. The project has a self-built wharf, which needs to negotiate the price with the shipowner separately every time. Under the leadership of the company, we have overcome one difficulty after another, which not only gets the full support of the shipowner, but also wins the praise of the customers.

Charter project of epidemic prevention materials

In 2022, the epidemic situation in Nigeria is very serious, but the local epidemic prevention materials are very short, in order to effectively protect the health of employees, large groups of state-owned enterprises in the country to urgently purchase relevant epidemic prevention materials and organize medical personnel to the project site to strengthen protection. At that time, it was in a critical period of construction, with tight progress and heavy tasks. Some cables and equipment accessories were also urgently needed to be on site. Our company successfully coordinated several charter flights to support, transport materials, medical staff luggage, etc.

Cold Chain Products Air Transport Project

At present, the global aviation temperature control logistics market is in strong demand and the industry has broad prospects for development. Our company gathers the resources of airlines, logistics service providers, equipment and technology suppliers to promote the efficient integration and development of technology, products and services, and strive to provide users with Better service experience. Supply chains and global transportation are more sensitive to time and temperature. In fact, temperature protection is an integral part of the pharmaceutical/biological product supply chain, pharmaceutical quality and efficacy, mainly related to refrigeration and temperature control. Since March 2020, we have shipped several batches of cold chain goods, including some of the more remote destinations, such as Nairobi, Tonga, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Vanuatu and Southeast Asia.

Boiler Road Transportation Project in Uzbekistan

Our company undertakes the whole road transportation of the boiler project from Jiangsu to Uzbekistan, with a total cargo weight of nearly 260 tons. Among them, the size of the two main engines is 11100*4330*4180mm, the volume is 200.90m, and the gross weight of the single piece is 50 tons.

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