Main business

Marine transportation

We have NVOCC (NVOCC) operating qualifications, and have long-term good cooperative relations with major shipping companies in the world, rich route resources and diversified service products, which can meet the needs of customers at different levels and provide customers with safe, Timely and efficient marine transportation services.

Air transportation

Our airport office and customs office are located in the airport international building, forming an integrated office model to achieve one-stop customs clearance service. At the same time, our office is close to BGS and Air China reservoir area, and we have the ability of independent customs declaration and inspection, which makes the operation faster and more convenient. The professional air transport department, through close cooperation with major airlines and careful selection of routes, can provide customers with high-quality air transport services between China and the rest of the world.

Road transportation

Through the concept of scale operation, integrated operation and rapid response, we will provide customers with personalized and professional services. According to the requirements of customer orders, whether it is one piece or one hundred pieces, regardless of the distance of the trip, it will ensure timely, accurate and complete delivery to the designated place.

Railway transportation

We have in-depth understanding and extensive experience in railway transportation services and related extended services, and have developed our own unique service concept. The mutual trust and good cooperation established with the relevant institutions within the railway make us have excellent performance in railway transportation services.

Foreign trade

GINTER CAPITAL (BEING) TRADING CO., LTD. was established in 2003. At present, its main business is based on its own trade qualification and Jinchi Group's global transportation agency cooperation network to do global material supply procurement for PetroChina, Sinopec and China's overseas engineering contracting enterprises, as well as a certain scale of import and export general trade. With years of experience and sound customs qualification, to win a good customer reputation. Relying on a professional foreign trade team, a wide range of global tentacles and a selection of the procurement market, Jinchi Guodu has enabled us to move well into a virtuous business cycle of serving high-quality customers and only doing high-quality business, with steady development and safe operation.

Project Logistics

The belt and road initiative project of central enterprises is a designated supplier of engineering logistics. 46 central enterprises are fully qualified to enter the network. They have been committed to developing for more than 20 years and have rich experience in logistics and transportation. They provide high-quality and rich resources such as bulk cargo chartering, container transportation and air charter flights, fully helping central enterprises to move dark blue and escort them.

Warehousing Services

We are a storage and transportation integration of enterprises, in the agent of a variety of transport business at the same time, but also to provide customers with warehousing business. The company's warehouse is equipped with modern equipment, handling machinery, perfect fire prevention facilities, and has a set of strict management system. It has always been praised by customers for its high-quality service and reasonable charges.

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